…have you found the right place?

If you have found this page then I’m willing to bet that it’s because:

you were googling something and got lucky

or more likely

you are already in contact with me and have come here to check me out.

Either way, you’re probably disappointed in the ‘look’ of this website, which is on purpose. Let me explain why.

First off, I only work with people I know, like & trust. I am extremely busy with my own successful online businesses, so tend to only take on new clients who have been referred or recommended by existing clients (or friends), as a personal favor to them.

The whole idea of dealing with inquiries, proposals and chasing prospects to help them learn what is needed to take their businesses to the next level is not how I do things and honestly doesn’t line up w/my core business model or values.

So, no, you won’t find a list of services I offer, glowing testimonials from past clients or how I got started online over a decade ago, sorry!

What do I do then?

Well, you did seek me out so I should give you some info 🙂

If you have a business, either online or physical, I know how to help you double it.

I know how to implement things that only 5% of your competition is even aware of, let alone doing, and with my strategies can help you grow your business to something that it deserves to be.

This could be as simple as fixing your website so it’s not invisible to google, turning it into a money-maker, helping you grow a list of rabid fans or laying a solid foundation for your business strategy.

If this makes sense and vibes with you, great. Glad we’ve found each other. If not, sorry for wasting your time.

So in the spirit of working together, there are 3 choices you now have.

1 – Continue your search in Google-land, for that magic bullet and the all prevailing advice that’s out there of “build a site, seo it, setup a facebook page and wait for the money to roll in” …good luck w/that. I’m sure you’ll get all the success you deserve.

2 – Click ‘contact‘ and get ahold of me because you already know me.

3 – Contact me regarding working together, be forewarned though:
– Success is not for wimps. Entrepreneurs never quit and are open-minded when it comes to new, innovative ideas. If you want to follow the corporate herd and do what everyone else is doing, don’t apply.
– This knowledge comes with responsibilities. If you aren’t 110% committed to the quality of your product or service, or if you’re out to take advantage of people, turn away.
– My skill sets are highly valuable and time extremely limited. Every client I take on takes away from my own projects (& family). I am glad to share and help others grow to new levels, but require a retainer up front and to be rewarded well for my efforts on your behalf.

Wow, if you are still reading this, Congratulations. There’s a damn good chance we have something to talk about. You need to fill in the contact form with something interesting and send it off. I take every enquiry that has made it to this point very seriously. You have my attention and I will be in touch shortly to look at our first step together.