Website Options

Here are a few choices for you…

I’ll need to know a list of pages (navigation links) that you’d like. The ‘nav links’ (menu) can go to pages or off-site to other things, like an online scheduler, gift certificate sales, etc.

Pages should be around 500-600 words long, with emphasis on the ‘keywords’ for that page. I.e. if it’s a massage page, you’ll want to mention the word massages a lot and all the variations of the keyword (such as ‘therapeutic massage’, ‘hot stones massage’, ‘massage therapist’ and so on).

If needed, I can make a couple custom images for you. Examples are below here.



Your home page should definitely show some ‘Personalization.’ The more people know, like & trust you the more they’ll buy from you. So a pic of yourself or even better, a VIDEO is outstanding.




Now, if you to move people who aren’t sure weather to buy or not onto your side of the fence, offer a guarantee! Technically we all have one anyway because if someone complains, what do we do? Offer a refund. So put it out there and make it work for you!




Connecting SOCIALLY is a must nowadays… LITERALLY. With the last Google “panda” update, it appears they will LOWER your ranking if you don’t have a good social presence. Plus, it allows people to further know, like & trust you (which is why your ‘about us’ page should have real, personal info instead of just the typical fluff).



What people say about you is FAR more important than what you say about yourself… so you should consider implementing some sort of testimonials or ratings on your site. They can be live from the web or ones you control like these below.



…finally, the main point of my website is to get people onto my list. So a ‘signup box’ or better yet one that pops up ASKING (actually, BRIBING) them onto your email list with some sort of gift is mandatory in my book. This really turns my site into a money-maker. I use but we can chat about what will be best for you.